Lesbian Mailing Lists

Below, there is a listing of women-only, sapphic, lesbian centred, or similarly defined mailing lists. The sapphic Internet is changing and evolving, so no guarantee is given for the information to be the latest one available. Please contact the suggested addresses in the entries below for more detailed up to date information. Please note that only mailing lists (where the discussions etc. take place through e-mail) will be listed, and only those mailing lists that are women-only, as there are other listings of queer mailing lists (see below).

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 Lists (in alphabetical order):


10PercentObsessions about women in film, tv, music etc.
2LIPSLesbians Interacting and Participating in Sisterhood
Amazon AlternativesLesbian survivors of childhood sexual abuse
amazonlifelinewomen who are living with chronic illness or disability
ArtisticDykesArtistic dykes
APLBAsian Pacific Islander lesbian/bisexual women
Arkansas_LesbiansArkansas Lesbians
AstroLesbiansLesbians interested in astrology
AvengersInternational lesbian avengers
AzlesArizona lesbians


Ba-cyberdykesSF Bay area cyberdykes
Ba-fatdykesSF Bay area fatdykes
Ba-filmdykesSF Bay area filmdykes
Ba-sapphoInfo and Networking for SF Bay Area dykes
BCdykesdykes living in British Columbia, Canada
BeyondBlooming40+ and out, now what?
BerksLesbiansBerks County, Pennsylvania Lesbians
BF-bdsminternational butch/fem BDSM discussion list
Bifem-lBisexual women
BiFemBi, bicurious and lesbian women
BiFemAdultBi & bicurious etc. over 18 years old women
BiofemaleAn alliance of people born female
Butch2butchButch women outsidethe butch-femme dyad
Butch-femmeButch-femme relationships
Byker-dykesWomen into motorbikes / motorbike women


Ca_lesbiangardensCalifornia lesbiangardeners
CatHouseLesbian nightlife in New Orleans, Louisiana
ChicagoLesbiansChigago area lesbians
CleisLesbian discussion list
Club HeavenThe official butch-femme flirt list
CNClesbiansCoastal NC Lesbians
COAMLBComing out as a married woman, lesbian or bi
CrockdykesBetty Crockdykes Cooking Circle
Crones-nestA haven for 60+ lesbians
CulturedPearlsLesbians over 45


DalyShe-mailFeminist discussion for lesbians aged 40+
DallascyberdykesDallas area cyber-techno types
DesidykesSouth Asian lesbians
DD-LLDeaf Dykes - Lipreading Lesbians
Dharma-dykesLesbian Buddhist discussion group
Diverse_WomenWomen who love women from any point of view
DragkingsDrag kings news, shows, talk
DutchlesbiansDutch lesbians
Dyke_mod_squadLesbians into body modification
DykenetDyke space
Dyke Planetles filles de Dyke PlaNET (French)
DykesindarknessLesbian fans of horror and all things dark
Dykesonbikes.htmlLesbians who ride and women who love them


Entrepreneur_sistersEntrepreneurship in the lesbian community
Euro-SapphoEuropean lesbians
FatdykesFat lesbians
Fem2femFemmes into other femmes
FemDommes_femsubsDiscussion about BDSM between female partners
FemmeLesbiansOfKentuckyFemme Lesbians of Kentucky
the FeMMe sPotFor all femmes
FGSFatGrrl Sex - sex discussion for fat women
FilmdykesDyke filmmakers, critics, students
Financedykeswomen interested in their financial futures
Finnish_USA_Lesbians35+ Finnish/USA lesbians
FishySistersN. Virginia/DC Metro area lesbians
ForMaBLesMarried but Lesbian
Frontrange-womenColorado Front Range area women
FunDykesUS Mid Atlantic area dykes


GAEBThe Gillian Anderson Estrogen Brigade
GeekdykeWomen who are into computers and technology
GenuinePearlsLesbians over 45
GML2Girlfriends of married lesbians
GranolaGrrlsA lesbian hippie grrl list
GrrlTalkBringing together lesbians and bisexual women
GundykesDykes with positive interest in guns
HealingdykesLesbian survivorsof relationship abuse
Hir_SheFor dyke/queer/lesbian femmes & butches of color
HorsewomenHorse loving women
IndgoGSGirl Scouts
IsraelforeignlesbosForeign les/bi women in Israel
KaleidoscophilesCanadian Married Lesbians
Kedah_dykesKedah, Malaysia Dykes
KoreanqLesbian/queer Korean women
KvindelistenLesbians in Copenhagen region & Southern Sweden


LBF50PlusLesbians born female, over 50
LCLLesbian Cancer list
LDS-LCurrent or former lesbian Mormons
LesbeinformedLeft wing lesbians
Lesbian_AmazonsLesbians who feel that they are Amazona
Lesbians-bi-boston-areaLesbian/bi women in the Boston area
LesbianGeneral and social mailing list
LesbianchitchatLesbians from all over the globe wanting to chat
1LesbianCooksLesbians who cook
LesbianCouplesInLoveLesbian couples in love
LesbianinlustLesbian in lust
Lesbian-healthLesbian health and mental health research, education, and services
LesbianMomsOfTeensLesbian mothers of teenage children
LesbianmusiciansA lesbian musician list
Lesbian-newsLesbian news and announcements
Lesbian-potluckLesbian Potluck
LesbianProfessionals30+ lesbian professional women
Lesbians_pennsylvaniaLesbians in southeast Pennsylvania
LesbiansAroundTheKitchenTableLesbians Around The Kitchen Table
LesbianSatsangLesbian spirituality list
Lesbianscanscrap2Lesbian scrapbooking
LesbianSistahsUnitedLesbian discussion list
Lesbian-support A global community/mailing list for lesbians by lesbians
LesbianWomenAtMidlifeFor lesbian women at midlife
LesbianWritersAndArtistsA community for lesbian writers & artists
Lesbian-writersLesbian writers
LesbicasPortuguese lesbians
Lesbicas_PTPortuguese speaking lesbians
Lesbi-healthLesbian & bi health research in Canada
Lesbiska_listanLesbiska & bisexuella kvinnor i Sverige
LesbtherapistsLesbian therapists, counselors etc.
LesCouplesLesbian Couples
LesCoupleswithKidsLesbian couples with kids
LesfemtalkHouston, TX area lesbian feminists
LesListBrazilian lesbians
LestersLesbian sisters
LezPowerSoFLSouth Florida Lez Power
LezbrianLesbian librarians
LIDLesben in Deutschland - Lesbians in Germany
LILLesbians experiencing infertility
LezSingl50Single 50+ lesbians
LISLesbians in science
L-inkAn offshoot of lesbian-writers
LivingDisabled dykes
LizMarried lesbians, bi's and those still undecided
LLILista lesbica italiana
LmathLesbian mathematicians
LO30Nurturing space for lesbians over 30
LongIslandLesbianLesbians in Long Island, NY
Louisiana_LesbiansLesbians in Louisiana
LotusLLotus Lesbians - Tibetan Buddhist traditions
L-PLUSLesbians over 50


Maillmarried and previously married lesbians
MarBLesMarried but Lesbian
Marriedgaywomen Married lesbians and bisexual women
MarriedlatebloomersMarried women +40 in the coming out process
MarriedlesbianpersonalsMarried lesbian personals
MarriedlesbianresourcelistMarried lesbian resourcelist
MatureLesbiansInWIMature Lesbians of WestCentral Wisconsin
MichfestMichigan Womyn's Music Festival
Midwestlesbians Lesbians in the U.S. midwest
Mollies-lMenopausal out lesbians
MOBKMums of kids between child and teenager
MomsLesbian moms & wannabes
Moms-at-homeLesbian stay at home moms
MonomanikalesItalian lesbian list
MoreThanJustFriends50+ Lesbians empowered by keeping company with Lesbians
MozarksMissouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Kansas region 40+ lesbians
MsbiansLesbians with Multiple Sclerosis
MWLW-MIMarried women loving women in Michigan
NewagelesNew Age lesbians
NYClesbiansfunNew York City lesbians
Nice Jewish GirlsFor lesbian and bisexual Jewish women
NMButch-FemmeButch and Femme lesbians in New Mexico
NMlesbianslesbian and bisexual women in New Mexico
NubianwimminLesbian Wimmin from AOL Black Voices
NYC-DyketopiaLes/bi women in NY/NJ/Conn and greater New England


OAmazonsLesbians recovering from eating disorders
OrthoDykesOrthodox Jewish lesbians
OutlandersLesbian BDSMers
OUTspokenFor all women over 25
OwlsOlder & Wiser lesbians
OWNOlder Women's Network
PetsandtheirdykesAll about pets who live with and love lesbians
PlilPartners of lesbians experiencing infertility
PoetessLesbian/bisexual/queer feminists who write poetry
PoliticaldykesFor political lesbians
PollesPolish lesbians
Poly-dykesNon-exclusive relationships between women
Ps-cd Puget Sound cyberdykes
QuebecDykesLesbians in Quebec (English & French)
QueerGirliesYoung & queer with disabilities
QueerLadiesQueer women with disabilities
RadicalDykesReal lesbians with strong opinions
RainbowgrlzLesbians in the DE / Philadelphia area
Rainbowgrlz-ct-maRainbowgrlz of CT and MA
RedQuEEnQueer Singaporean women
RogueEuropean sapphic writers
1ARussianLesbiansRussian speaking lesbians


SacredSistersA lesbian spirituality list
Sagesisterslesbian 40+ women living in the B.C Lower Mainland
SAGrrlsSouthern-Asian lesbians
SAMBALSingaporean And Malaysian Bisexual women And Lesbian
Sapfo-listSuomen/Finnish Sapfo
SapphoThe mother of lesbian lists
Sappho_connectionAn all-topic discussion group
Sappho_grGreek speaking list
Sappho SupportWomen's support list
S.C.A.M.P.Lesbians in Arizona
SealsSelf-identified adult lesbians
SearchingLesbians 35+ searching for something deeper
Seattle-LesbiansLesbians in Seattle
Secret Places35+ Eastern Canada, still married but know you are lesbian/bi
SeoulsistersLes/bi foreign & English-speaking women in Korea
SistanetLesbians and bisexual womenof African descent
Sisters40plusCultured pearls 40+
Sisters_of_the_IsleFor all lesbians
SmartWomenBoston Educated, professional & creative lesbians, Boston area
SmartWomenChicagoEducated, professional & creative lesbians, Chicago area
SmartWomenDCEducated, professional & creative lesbians, DC area
SmartWomenLAEducated, professional & creative lesbians, LA area
SmartWomenMiamiEducated, professional & creative lesbians, Miami area
SmartWomenNYCEducated, professional & creative lesbians, NYC area
SmartWomenPhillyEducated, professional & creative lesbians, Philadelphia area
SmartWomenSeattleEducated, professional & creative lesbians, Seattle area
SmartWomenSFBerkeleyEducated, professional & creative lesbians, SFBerkeley area
SmartWomenTampaBayEducated, professional & creative lesbians, TampaBay area
SmartWomenTorontoEducated, professional & creative lesbians, Toronto area
SmartWomenUSAEducated, professional & creative lesbians, USA area
SoberdykesIn recovery
SoberdykesLesbian 12 Step list
SocalesSouthern California lesbians
Socales-chatSouthern California lesbians chat
Socales-croniesSouthern California older lesbians
Socales-youthSouthern California lesbian youth
StonebutchButches and their femme admirers
StonebutchIssues that concern butches and femmes
StonefemmeFemmes who prefer very masculine butches
SugarShackLesbianButch-Femmea spot where you are welcome to be yourself
Sun Sisters40+ women who identify as lesbian
Systers-outLesbians in computing


TexasSingleLesbiansFortyPlusTexas Single Lesbians Forty plus
TGdykesTransgendered lesbians and their partners
The_blenderContacts list for lesbian, bi and/or trans women
TheButchFemmeDynamicThe Butch-Femme Dynamic
TheMasterListThe mother of lesbian married lists
ThinkingdykesDiscussion group
Timeout-group Support/social group for women in Northern Central Massachusetts
TNlesbiangardensTennessee Chapter of the Lesbiangardens mailing list
TLPA2Toronto Lesbian and Pagan Association
Tomboy-GirLWomen with tomboy identity
Totally-femmediscussion & celebration of femme diversity, femmes only
TransensualfemFemme dykes who desire FTM's and TransButches
TropicalIslandwoman only pleasure
Travel-DykesLesbians & bi women who like to travel
Twist-HerBi & lesbian goths/industrial/punks, 18-28
TXdykeInformational list for Texas lesbians 18+
UK-motss / UK-motss-women  UKlists
ukOlderLesbiansUK 40+ Lesbian couples only
UpstateLesConnectLesbians in the Upstate NY area
UtahLesbiansLesbians in Utah


Venus_SistersCanadian married but lesbian/bi
W2W-couplesWomen in relationships withwomen
1WestCoastLesbiansLesbians in the West & NorthWest states of the U.S.
WhatcomlesbiansWhatcom County lesbians
Wild-listEuropean lesbian studies
whitefemmblackbtchlesbianswhite femm lesbians in search of black butch lesbians
WNYLesbianCouplesWestern NY Lesbian Couples
Woman2spiritInterplay of gender, sexuality & spirituality
WomBATBisexual women
Women-in-mgmtLesbians in management
Women_Luving_Their_BreastsBreast loving ladies
WomenWhoLoveShaniaLesbian/bi admirers of Shania Twain
Womyn_in_MusicWomen in music
Women-who-love-WomenMalaysian women who love women
W2W40PlusLesbians 40 and over
ZeeskyteJewish lesbians

 More lists & more:

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How to start your own list, some few ideas
Living with Lesbian Lists, a personal view
LBG list of lists (QRD)
Gender related electronic forums collected by Joan Korenman

Please note that there are other mailing lists that are not advertised here because they have been formed as more private spaces. You can usually join them by personal recommendation by someone already on such a list.

soc.women.lesbian-and-bi is a moderated Usenet newsgroup for discussion of lesbian and bisexual women'sconcerns.

Please send feedback to the address below if you discover that one of the above lists has become extinct!


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