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                      Frequently Asked Questions

    Please ensure that you read this file - it contains important
                     information for list members

This FAQ replaces the Welcome message and posting guidelines for the
mailing lists.

Section 1 replaces the information file for the list. You will not be
sent the whole FAQ unless you subscribe to one of the lists.

If you have received the whole FAQ, then you have already been added
to one of the mailing lists.  This FAQ covers both uk-motss and

If you have any additional queries, do not post them to the list -
please contact for assistance.

The FAQ is divided into sections:

1)      General information
        What is uk-motss?
        Who is allowed to join?
        How do I join?
        How much does it cost?
        How busy is the list?
        Will anyone know I've joined the list?


a) What is uk-motss?
uk-motss is an electronic mailing list for the lesbian, bisexual and
gay network community in the UK and Europe. It now consists of two
lists - one general list, and a women-only list. It's intended as a
supportive forum, and a space where people can talk about any issue
that concerns them; most things discussed are obviously of relevance
to the uk motss community.

b) Who is allowed to join?  Anyone is allowed to join the lists, but
we reserve the right of refusal; for instance, we can't add you to the
list if it will cost us real money to send you messages. We also won't
add people using anonymous addresses, such as those available from We will protect e-mail addresses ourselves, and do
everything possible to maintain confidentiality.

You don't have to be lesbian, bi or gay to join, but we will expect
you to respect the feelings of the majority of list members, who are.

To join uk-motss-women, you must be a woman, and you must have your own
e-mail account. For instance, we can't send uk-motss-women to an
account belonging to a LGB society at a university.

People who persistently breach the guidelines in sections 2 and 3 of
this FAQ will be removed from the list.

You don't have to be in the UK or Europe, but please remember that the
list has a specific focus. There are other lists for world GLB news,
and so on.

c) How do I join?
Just send a message to telling us
which list you'd like to be on (uk-motss or uk-motss-women, or both).
Please let us know if you want to receive the messages in digest
format or not. A digest is a collection of messages, allwrapped up in
one piece of mail. Some people find that the digest makes it easier to
keep uk-motss messages separate from other mail.

Finally, please write in english - uk-motss-REQUEST is a real person.
If you don't tell us which list you want, or whether or not you want
the digest version, we'll probably ignore your message - there's
simply too much mail to sort out.

d) How much does it cost?
We don't charge you anything to receive uk-motss, but the people who
provide your e-mail connection may. If you're not sure, check with
your site administrator, and ask us to send you the messages in digest
format - it's a lot cheaper if you have to pay for mail.

e) How busy is the list?
The main list sometimes has hardly any traffic, while at other times
it can reach as many as 70 to 80 messages per day. On a typical day,
it's probably around 30 to 40. The are fewer messages on

f) Will anyone know I've joined the list?
No. The membership of the lists is not made available to anyone other
than the administrators. Where information has to be transferred over
the network, encryption is used wherever possible. In normal
circumstances, people won't know that you are on the lists unless you
post to them. Please note, however, that there are mechanisms by which
system administrators can determine who is receiving mail from the
list, and mistakes can occur; we do our best to minimise them.


If you have any comments about this FAQ, or about the uk-motss lists,
please contact me using the address

Nigel Whitfield,
List Maintainer.