Lesbians in Science (LIS)




Lesbians in Science (LIS) was born at the Michigan Womyn's Music Fest in August,90, and has grown into an international organization of dykes practising or interested in diverse sciences. The LIS Email distribution list was created in December,91 at the University of Wisconsin and now includes over 100 lesbians in colleges, universities, government labs, industry, etc. in the US, Canada, Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, France (note:our international subscribership is small so keep spreading the LIS word! Countries represented will vary from time to time as subscribers are added or removed). There is no cost to users. The LIS list serves as a forum for discussions, as a resource for professional and personal information-sharing, and as a social network and support group. Womyn only.

PLEASE PASS THE WORD ON TO OTHER LESBIANS IN SCIENCE who might be interested in being part of the network. Copy this message for others or put a note about LIS in suitable publications, if you like.

Unfortunately, LIS no longer publishes hardcopy newsletters, since the original Madison, Wisconsin volunteers have moved on. If you'd like to help reestablish LIS newsletters, post your suggestions to the email list! There are a few original volunteers still online who can help get you started.

LIS subscriptions

To get ON the LIS email list send your request to:
the text of your message should contain:
subscribe LIS your firstname your lastname your emailaddress
(your address will be added by the list manager, Ryn Edwards)

To get OFF the LIS email list automatically send the word SIGNOFF to
(more automatic commands ie. for email list of subscribers or to hide your email address from being listed, etc..are given at the end of this document)

To send discussion postings to all LIS subscribers (not addition/deletion requests) to:
If you want womyn to be able to reply personally to your postings, please *sign your email address* at the end of your message, since some some mailers strip off headers such as return addresses.

REPLY versus SEND (or TELL)

Postings are often shared between email lists with common interests. If you REPLY to a message which comes to LIS via another network (eg NOGLSTP, which includes men, or WISENET, which includes het womyn), your reply *may* go to everyone on that distribution list too; otherwise, you can SEND to LIS and only us gals will get your response.


While LIS takes precautions to keep distribution lists confidential, remember that email messages are generally not secure. Assume *anyone* can read whatever you write: "including your boss, lover, ex, ..."


As on other email lists, your initial contact with email LIS could be a short biography.

YOUR COMMAND POWER of the Kenyon LIS listserver

There are a number of useful administrative commands that you can avail yourself of directly using the address: LIS-REQUEST@KENYON.EDU. Merely type the command as the message and send. A response will follow. Here are the commands:

    SIGNOFF             - to remove yourself from the list
    REVIEW              - to get an email list of subscribers
    QUERY               - to get the status of your entry on the list
    SET NOMAIL          - to remain on the list but not receive mail
    SET MAIL            - to reverse the NOMAIL setting
    SET CONCEAL         - to conceal yourself from REVIEW listings

    SET NOCONCEAL       - to reverse the CONCEAL setting
    SET NOREPRO         - to prevent the list from sending you your own postings
    SET REPRO           - to reverse the NOREPRO setting
    LIST                - to get a list of mailing lists available on this host
    HELP                - to receive a help file


Have fun, and feel free to share postings with/from networks of interest such as these (asking first for author permission where appropriate). This list is an unofficial compilation and may contain errors (I hope not):
LIS = Lesbians in Science
	postings: LIS@KENYON.EDU

NOGLSTP = Nat'l Org. of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals
	requests: noglstp-request@elroy.jpl.nasa.gov
	postings: noglstp@elroy.jpl.nasa.gov

ASTRODL for lesbians/gays in Astronomy 

Digital Queers (mostly men, it sounds like...)
If you know of other email distribution lists that may interest dyke scientists, let LIS know. Here are a few womyn-oriented scientist groups (which may include men):
	WISENET for Womyn in Science and Engineering 
		owner: Dr. Alice Dan, U16715@UICVM.BITNET

	WIPHYS for Womyn In Physics
		subscribe:  listserv@nysernet.org
		postings: wiphys@nysernet.org

	SYSTERS for professional womyn in computer sciences only
		subscribe: systers-request@pa.dec.com
				 [addsysters ]
		owner: Dr. Anita Borg, borg@pa.dec.com

	CSWA for womyn in astronomy (includes men)
		owner: elmegreen@vassar.edu

	WITI for womyn in technology (costs $)
		owner: gillam@aero.org

A nationwide forum of news and ideas for, by and about lesbians. Free to lesbians but suggested donation is $3/issue or $18/yr (more if you can less if you can't).
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