Rogue list purpose
and how to join

Are you a writer, publisher or otherwise involved in the business of publishing or writing? Moreover, are you a lesbian or a queer woman with sapphic motivations present in your work? Are you from Europe, or rooted in Europe in some significant way?

If your answer to these questions is: "yes", Rogue mailing list may provide you with an interesting forum on which issues connected to (lesbian) writing can be discussed and information can be exchanged.

What is Rogue?

Rogue is a list for sapphic discussion on writing related topics that are mainly of interest to European dykes and queer women. While any woman can join, we expect subscribers to keep the international/European nature of the list in mind. Postings can be in any of the major European languages.

What is the purpose of Rogue?

This list is set up to provide a sapphic forum to discuss products and processes of writing which has its inspiration in the personal imagination (including autobiography and memoirs), as opposed to academic and scientific research. The emphasis will be on the writer's point of view, but not exclusively so.

The aim is to generate intelligent and knowledgeable conversations about writing and all it entails, in a relaxed and responsive atmosphere. And, of course, the list offers the possibility of testing our ideas and stories on other lesbians and queer women out there.

An important facet of Rogue will also be exploring new net specific writing culture(s) and developing our own. This includes discussing and exploring the transformation of our roles as writers from the printed word to cyber bytes (e.g., web publishing).

How to go about subscribing?

Use the contact form. If your e-mail address makes your gender and/or location re Europe less obvious, please provide us enough info to determine whether to subscribe you.